Doing an assignment in Spain as an international journalist may seem tricky if one does not know the country nor speak the language.

Our Spanish fixers have worked on current affairs pieces, international TV programmes and news reports.

We act as a one-stop-shop for foreign journalists and can help in a number of ways including:
  • Initial research
  • Fact checking
  • Local access
  • General production support (logistics, crew hire, equipment rental etc)

Please feel free to drop us a line if you are a foreign journalist looking to do some work in Spain. We tend to reply in a few hours and would be happy to know your story.

Initial Research

When covering a story in a foreign country as an international journalist, understanding the topic, main characters and stakeholders is key for a good start. Our Fixer Spain team generally does a brief initial research free of charge.

Fact Checking

With multiple sources in the media today, especially online platforms, getting things right can make the difference between a great news piece and a fiasco. With sources all around the country and thorough knowledge of local media, our fixers can help international journalists with local fact checking.

Local Access to Communities & Contributors

Doing a quality report always depends on the kind of access one can get in relevant places and communities. While booking an interview with officials generally requires just a written request and follow-up calls, getting access to more remote communities needs local assistance. Our fixers have good contacts around the country, which is why we can generally help with any kind of current affairs or news pieces.

Production Support

We also offer help on the ground, which is key when doing a news piece or current affairs report. As experienced fixers, we know how to handle itineraries, timetables and logistics.